Dan Asisa - Intern Highlight

This is Dan Asisa, die hard Laker fan and current P&C intern – in that order.

After immigrating from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dan and his family eventually settled down in Beaverton, Oregon. Born with an eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge, Dan had always leaned toward science and mathematics in school. When he saw that Southridge High School’s guidance program offered field trips to mechanical and manufacturing facilities, Dan jumped at the chance to see things like computer chips and 3-D printers get designed and built right in front of him. After that Engineering went from being merely a curiosity to a legitimate career path.

Set to graduate from Oregon State University in 2022 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Dan isn’t quite sure where he’ll end up after school. He says that he chose P&C’s intern program because he wanted to know more about the construction industry. “I was looking for a new perspective. I also really love architecture and design, I thought P&C would give me a good chance to see how these two industries intersect.”

Dan is currently splitting his time, helping close out our work at Tualatin High School and doing take-offs for a hard-bid project alongside P&C’s Chief Estimator. The term “take-off” refers to items being taken off project drawings which are then used by our estimating team to assemble a comprehensive list of all the materials required to complete a project. Always patient and intuitive, Dan provides quantities for our Estimator, who then shows him how they get fed into our estimating software. Additionally, when P&C hosted @agcorecol ‘s Educator Externship program back in July, Dan helped prepare a presentation to give teacher’s real-world lessons in estimating. This provided those teachers crucial information to help guide their students into career paths they may not have considered.

Dan’s advice for future interns is this: “Be humble, stay motivated, pay attention, and be proud of the work you do.”

Pictured above: Dan presenting to the Educator Externship in July.