Justin Manahan - Intern Highlight

P&C Intern, Justin Manahan is currently working at Ogden Middle School, a multi-phased renovation of the existing school that will include common areas, security and technology upgrades, an improved drop-off/pick up area, as well as field safety and site improvements. Though Ogden is still in the early stages of construction, there is still plenty to do as Justin splits his time between the job trailer and the site work. Monday through Friday, five hours each day, he’s acquiring and reviewing safety documents, liaising with subcontractors, creating/editing RFI’s and submittals, updating project logs and attending Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meetings. Most importantly, he’s getting first-hand experience in his chosen field to help him further clarify a career path. For as long as he can remember, Justin has been fascinated with how things work, more specifically how they’re designed and put together. It felt inevitable that he would one day work in the construction industry, now it’s a matter of figuring out where exactly in that industry he wants to be.

Set to graduate from the University of Portland in 2022 with a degree in Civil Engineering and a double minor in innovation/marketing, this is Justin’s second summer with P&C Construction. “Last year I was on the Tualatin High Modifications Project and I learned A LOT. It was such a fast-paced project, so much going on at the same time. It was great being able to take all that back with me when school started again.” Indeed, Justin is that much more comfortable on the job site this time around.

Justin's advice for future interns is simple, “Don’t be afraid to mess up. Ask questions and take risks. What you put into the work is exactly what you get out of it.”