Matt Burgard - Employee Highlight

Interview with Matt Burgard, Superintendent 

By Sabrina Henkhaus, Marketing

Q: What was the last thing you built for yourself?
A: Hmm well the last thing I built was our concrete patio and everything outside when we were redoing our backyard, that was last year. But I do odds and ends stuff for my wife. I made a big ruler for her- I got a new piece of wood, distressed it, put some lines on it and numbers, so it looks like an old school ruler. I put it on the wall so we can measure the heights of our kids as they grow. So, if we move from the house we can take it with us. I make stuff like that for her all the time. 

Q: If I could offer you the absolute truth to one question, what would you ask me?
A: Hmmmm. What would the world look like in 100 years? Will we have flying cars or how will the construction industry be? Or what will my great, great, great grandkids be doing? When I’m passed and gone, what will this world look like?

Q: Name a sound that you love.
A: The sound of the frogs at night time at my folk’s house. They have a pond and at night you hear the frogs out there. I just think it’s the coolest sound. You go out there, sit back and have a beer, and listen to the frogs. I’ve always like that sound. And sometimes the sound of a train. I don’t like the sound of a skill saw or a hammer, I hear that all the time! 

Q: What’s your favorite tattoo? And what’s the story behind it?
My favorite tattoo… I think the one on my side. It’s probably one of my favorites. It’s a saying, “One love, one family, always remember.” . . . You’re only going to have one family. Might as well love ‘em. You’re not always going to get along. But always remember and always love your family and where you came from. 

Another one is on the top of my foot. It was Christmas Eve and my brothers and I went to this tattoo thing where you could get a tattoo for $40 bucks. So four or five of us went down, including my brothers, to Historic Tattoo on 50th. They were doing a $40 tattoo special. It was a big ‘ol sheet, you could get any tattoo on the sheet. So I took a picture and I sent it to my wife and said pick what you want and I’ll put it on me. So I have a tattoo on the top of my foot. It’s the state of Oregon and faded with coloring inside. I always think of that day when my brothers were there and they got one. 

Q: What’s the greatest gift you’ve ever received?
A: My kids! My kids by far. If you’re looking for a material gift, I’m going to have to go all the way back to my childhood. I remember for my birthday when I was a little kid, I got a night rider big wheel. The car was called Kit. It was a Pontiac grand prix and I was always on it. I rode it till the wheels were square. I used to skid out all the time with them. The memory of that gift always stuck with me. I used to ride that thing every day- I mean all the time. 

Q: If you were to write a self-help book, what would the topic be? 
A: That’s a hard question, hmm. . . You know, I remember when I was younger, I used to push my chest out, like most younger guys do in the trades. . . Over the years I’ve learned being a Superintendent- treat everyone how you want to be treated. Don’t think you’re better than somebody else. “Don’t Think You’re Better Than the Other Guy”- I think that’s what I’d put for the title.

Q: What’s some good advice you’ve been given?
A: One thing [my dad] told me, his best advice, was “don’t take work home”. He goes, “if you’ve had a bad day, don’t take it home, because your kids didn’t have a bad day. They don’t need to be part of your bad day. If you had a good day, you bring your good day home with you, but don’t bring your bad days.”

Q: Describe the perfect meal.
A: Hmm…  I have Crohn’s disease so I can’t eat a lot of stuff, but if I could have anything… I am born and raised Italian, so if you throw Italian food at me with bread and a salad, oh I’m game! It could be a pizza, spaghetti, rigatoni, any fish, but Italian food by far! 

Q: What’s something that’s a complete mystery to you?
A: Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? It’s always been a mystery; no one has ever found him. He was a teamster that got involved in organized crimes, he got killed, something happened to him, and no one knows where he went! 

Thanks, Matt!

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