Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project Wins Energy Trust of Oregon's High Performance Building Award

The project team for the Clatsop Community College Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project was honored to receive this years's DJC Top Projects 2018 Energy Trust of Oregon High Performance Building Award! 

The building was designed by SRG Partnership to perform at or near net zero, approximately 70% more energy efficient than other buildings of a comparable size and type. The roof features solar paneling and the interior floors are heated by a solar hot water system. There is no active cooling system, the building uses natural ventilation tied to the DOC window system. In other words, when the building heats up due to a hot day the ventilation system reads the temperature and automatically tells the actuators to open the windows. Then the vents open and the fans kick on. Not only is this system more efficient, it's also much more comfortable for the people inside.

Congratulations to the project team! 

Jessica Iplikci, left, congratulates P&C Constrcution President Steve Malany after awarding the firm the Energy Trust of Oregon High Performance Building Award for the Patriot Hall Redevelopment Project. (Sam Tenney/DJC)

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