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Matt Burgard - Employee Highlight

May 10, 2018 | by P&C Team

Interview with Matt Burgard, Superintendent  By Sabrina Henkhaus, Marketing Q: What was the last thing you built for yourself?A: Hmm well the last thing I built was our concrete patio and everything outside when we were redoing our backyard, that was last year. But I do odds and ends stuff for my wife. I made a big ruler for her- I got a new piece of wood, distressed it, put some lines on it and numbers, so it looks like an old school ruler. I put it on the wall so we can measure the heights of our kids... Read More

Dave Dahl - Employee Highlight

March 27, 2018 | by P&C Team

Interview with Dave Dahl, Project Manager Q: What project are you currently working on?A: Chinatown! Portland Chinatown History Museum.  Q: Describe your job using a movie title.A: Jurassic Park.  Q: What’s one thing that keeps you coming to work each morning?A: Ping pong Q: Imagine that you’ve been given a special telephone that only allows you to make a single phone call to yourself at the age of 16. You’re not allowed to tell yourself who you are and the call only lasts for 15 seconds. What do you say to yourself?A: I think most people would want to think... Read More